Jungle Trek

Discover the beauty of the Sulawesi jungle

The jungle of Sulawesi is not well known in Indonesia. It mainly consists of secondary jungle. But there are a few places with primary jungle. Most people consider it in general as sacred, frightening and dangerous as a result of the lack of knowledge about the jungle. My aim is to introduce the rich diversity of flora and fauna of this jungle. The jungle provides so many resources that people ignore nowadays such as traditional medicines (seeds, barks or sap of trees and some kinds of leaves) and numerous kinds of trees like mahogany, bingkerai, ebony, big rattan, bamboo, etc. Wild pigs and chicken, monkeys, many kinds of birds, Sulawesi hornbill and bee nest also can be found during the trek.

The jungle is easily accessible from Tana Toraja. It offers great hikes, an abundance of wildlife, amazing atmosphere of evergreen forest and many kinds of tropical fauna such as orchids, carnivore plant, wild fruits and seeds.

Depending on your wishes I can organize:

  • bamboo rafting
  • overnight stay in the jungle sleeping in a shelter made from jungle materials
  • meet “primitive” people
  • drinking from roots

Please feel free to ask. Maybe I can help to make this wish come true.